Sound On Sound Février 2012
"Monster Monster?
Looptrotter’s debut product is a snarling beast of a processor that’s one of a kind. Like the paint job, the effect won’t be to everyone’s taste, and it won’t get used on every source - but if you work in rock, pop, electro or any one of a whole range of urban genres, I can’t imagine you not finding a use for it and being happy with the results! This thing is dripping with a dirty, distorted character that’s quite literally music to my ears. Balancing that with the more mundane yet useful features, such as matched components on each channel and detented, I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending that you audition this processor.

There are many compressors out there, and many tube processors too, but nothing that I can think of does exactly what the Monster does, and certainly not in one box - so to achieve similar effects, I’d be thinking of pairing various other devices together. A Universal Audio 1176 used with an LA2A would give you more flexibility in some ways, and would be capable of some broadly similar sounds, but it wouldn’t give you everything the Monster can offer. You could perhaps throw into the mix some of the Thermionic Culture tube processors, or the more general sound-mangling capabilities of the Chandler Germanium, Empirical Labs Distressor and the Evol Audio Fucifier. These can be very rewarding devices in their own right, but again, will not be quite the same"
Music Tech Magazine Octobre 2011
"On the Edge
The Monster stamped its sonic signature across everything we tried it on. It probably wouldn’t be the first choice of compressor for those who record mainly acoustic music, but for anyone wanting a high-quality,  versatile and modern-sounding unit to heavily process all manner of rock, pop and dance, the Monster should be given serious consideration. MTM"
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