Enhanced marker handling
Creating and editing markers has always been an important part of the WaveLab workflow. In WaveLab 7.2 this workflow has been streamlined as this new version introduces a floating marker window, allowing you to easily create, name - simply manage - all markers and regions in your project.
Workflow improvements
Now you can change fader values using the computer mouse wheel. Plus, pressing Shift allows for fine adjustments, whereas pressing Alt allows for coarse adjustments.
Save Copy option
Handling several projects and revisions of opened sessions can often be confusing. WaveLab’s Save As function now includes a Save Copy option. No matter if you want to save an audio file or the entire Audio Montage - when this option is activated, a copy of the opened document is saved and the document continues to refer to the source file.
CD-related enhancements
The CD Wizard now includes options to name and rename markers and the CD Report dialog contains a text-based report generator. Plus, the total CD time is now being displayed within the CD tool-window.*
Windows scripting
In addition to the internal WaveLab scripting possibilities, Windows scripting allows you to control WaveLab from an external application (not to be mixed up with internal WaveLab scripting).**
Steinberg WaveLab
Outils précis, algorithmes avancés, workflow parfait. WaveLab 7 un outil professionnel dédié au mastering, l’édition et à la restauration audio...
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Wavelab 7 Versions
Producteur à mi-temps ou professionnel de l’industrie ? Choisissez la version de WaveLab qui vous correspond.

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nouvelle méthodologie, 30 plug-ins VST3, outils de restauration haut de gamme, moteur de gravure de pointe et bien plus.

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Le Mastering décuple le potentiel de vos sources audio. Apprenez et comprenez ses fondements.

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