Keith “K.Bizz” Ross
- Leona Lewis, Nelly, Pitbull, Cash Money, Ashanti, Robin Thicke, Shanna Crooks…
Vance Powell

Engineer. The White Stripes, The Dead Weather, The Raconteurs, Wanda Jackson…

Interview with Rich Williams for Burl Audio 2011:

Rich Williams: We love what you guys are doing, you and Jack. We love the Dead Weather, the Raconteurs, and we love all the other side projects you’re doing, and the fact that you’re all analog and vinyl. We love it. So I’d like to ask about the philosophy of what you’re doing. There seems to be a lot of excitement about your work.  How are you guys keeping this excitement and momentum going in a music world that seems to be stagnant right now?

Vance Powell: Jack wants people to be excited about the concept of owning music. He remembers what it was like to wait for a record, then buy it at a record store the day it came out, and then listen to this creation. You’re looking at the cover and there’s this physical, tangible thing. Listening to music isn’t tangible, it’s an intangible. It’s just out in space in between your ears, basically. But owning it, holding the vinyl, holding the sleeve, holding it in your hand and seeing the craft work that went into it, that’s a big part of it. I think that’s what Jack is looking for. You know, music that’s interesting to people, and then to be able to keep that tangible part of it, that’s important…

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Eddie Kramer
Recording/Mix Engineer & Producer
“The World Needs Burl”
- Eddie Kramer, Led Zepplin, Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, The Kinks…

"I used the B-1s on practically every guitar track on the record. they  rule!  Didn't have to add any midrange or anything when I used them  with royer 122s. Put a BURL Audio B1 mic pre, a B2 Bomber A/D converter and a ribbon mic in front of a guitar amp, and the mid range is so good it'll make you cry!".

Ryan Hewitt -Red Hot Chili Peppers engineer.
Legendary  engineer and producer Eddie Kramer whose credits include Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin has recently used 4x BURL Audio B2 Bomber A/D convertors to transfer the original Woodstock 1" 8 tracks tapes for re-release.

"The world needs BURL Audio!"
Eddie Kramer
Tim Hatfield
Recording/Mix Engineer & Producer
- The Misfits, The Damwells, Death Cab for Cutie, Martha Wainwright, Butthole Surfers.
Ryan Hewitt
Recording/Mix Engineer & Producer
“Put a B1, a B2, and a ribbon mic in front of a guitar amp, and the midrange is so good it will make you cry.” - Ryan Hewitt, Engineer/Producer, Red Hot Chili Peppers (Grammy Winner), Blink-182, Bob Dylan.
Bernie Becker
“I got to use my brand new Burl A/D and D/A on my last big mixing project and I must say, I’m blown away. Eddie Kramer’s been raving about these to me for years and now I know why. When it comes to an A/D converter that adds just the right touch of analog warmth & width, the Burl is IT!” - Bernie Becker
Michael Jackson, John Legend, Macy Grey, Beyonce’, Shakira…
Rick Beato
Recording/Mix Engineer & Producer
“I’ve been using the B1D and I really dig it! I love how you can compress the signal by driving the gain. It sounds great on heavy guitars!!” - Rick Beato, Engineer/Producer, Creed, Shinedown, Needtobreathe, Bullet For My Valentine, Tyler Read,…
John Greenham
Engineer & Producer
Los Tigres Del Norte (Grammy Winner),
Queensryche, DU*Ds, J2, Aman…
Chris Sorenson
Bass player from the band, Saosin
“Just got the Burl B2, and it sounds GREAT! Thank you so much.”
- Chris Sorenson, Saosin
Tom Laune
Recording/Mix Engineer & Producer
Bruce Springsteen, Amy Grant, Joe Walsh, Michael McDonald, Downhere, David Condos,….
Justin Weis
Recording/Mix Engineer & Producer
“I compared the B2 to the 192/Big Ben.
It was immediately apparent that the B2 sounded way more clear, smooth, and natural.  The  female vocal sounded “prettier” through it.  Kind of like taking away the mic and listening to her directly. “ - Justin Weis, Trakworx, Papa Roach, Too Short, The Tubes, Creeper Lagoon, B-Legit, Matt Nathanson,….
George Stone,
Division Chair of Performing Arts &
Music at Cuesta College
“The B1 and B2 ADC are both superbly designed and constructed in every way. Most importantly their sound is fantastic! It is the closest thing to analog I’ve ever heard minus the tape noise.” - George Stone, Director of Audio Technology at Cuesta College,  using 2 B1's and a B2.
Eric Conn
Mastering Engineer
Joan Osborne, Skid Row, The Imperials, Young Buck, Janis Ian, John Prine…
Jean Marie Horvat
Michael Jackson, John Legend, Macy Grey, Beyonce’, Shakira…
Kenny Moran
Recording/Mix Engineer/Producer
-Anita Baker, Rod Stewart, Chaka Kahn, Philip Baily, Patti Austin…
Fabian Marasciullo

Vient de finir de mixer "Tha Carter IV" de Lil Wayne utilisant le convertisseur BURL Audio B2 Bomber ADC. L'album a été vendu à 960 000 copies, durant sa première semaine de sortie et a établi un nouveau record des ventes de 300 000 albums sur iTunes.

Lire l'interview exclusive de Fabian Marasciullo sur le site de BURL Audio
Strange Weather Brooklyn NYC
Marc Alan Goodman du Studio Strange Weather basé à Brooklyn NYC, opte pour le Burl Audio Mothership B80 24 entrées / 32 sorties.
"When we brought the Burl in to Strange Weather we put it up against our apogees with a isochrone ocx clock. We did a number of different tests, some blind and some not, and we all agreed the differences were not subtle. Sometimes the Burl sounded like it had more bass, sometimes less. Sometimes it sounded brighter, and sometimes it sounded a little darker. But no matter what the difference was, it always sounded better.

We also experimented with using the OCX clock with the Burl, but we gave up very quickly after some unimpressive results. Previously I'd been a big fan of the Antelope atomic clock, and I'd still be interested in hearing how it sounds with this rig. I know people have plenty of conceptual issues with the thing, but in my experiences using it with a 192 the differences were, once again, not very subtle. However the Burls themselves put a big dent in my budget (we're expanding it to 32i/48o when we move in the next few months).

marc alan goodman"
BURL Audio Mothership B80 de Strange Weather chargé de 6 cartes de 4 convertisseurs A/D BAD4 et 4 cartes de 8 convertisseur D/A BDA8.
Phase One Studios

Les Studios Canadiens installent le Mothership B80 24 A/D- 32 D/A au sein du studio A.

Vers le site de Phase One Studios
Fred Carrayol de Mercredi9
"Arrivée du BURL B80 Mothership avec les BAD4 et BDA8 aux Studios Mercredi9, super convertisseurs Pro Tools HD ... Sévèrement Burly la machine....

Après l'essai d'un grand nombre de convertisseurs pour Pro Tools, notre choix s'est arrêté sur le Burl.....tous les Blind Tests ont été en faveur de cette fabuleuse machine.....Punch, basses plus profondes, hauts plus définis et mediums plus riches....Et la possibilité de saturer la machine en entrée... Bref, le souvenir de la bande analogique ... Sûrement la pièce maitresse du studio."
Michael Wagener
Michael Wagener producteur de musique, mixeur et engenieur basé à Hamburg, Allemagne, fameux pour son travail avec beaucoup d'artistes et bandes Hard Rock et Heavy Metal, très connus des années 80 . Les travaux achevés par Wagener ont resulté à plus de 94 million de ventes d'albums à travers le monde.

Et voilà ce qu'il pense du convertisseur B2 Bomber ADC de BURl Audio:

"...the Burl (B2 Bomber ADC) just blew my mind. And eventually I will be replacing all my converters with the Mothership so everything will be Burl in my studio..."

Lire l'interview complete de Michael Wagener
Greg Wells
"Finally heard it. Wow. Wow wow wow wow wow. So musical! It can't leave!!!"

Adele, Rufus Wainwright, Katy Perry, All American Rejects, OneRepublic
Eastwest Studios - Hollywood CA
Eastwest Studios in Hollywood CA is ground zero for many records that are on rotation at Burl headquarters. The first stop on the "Mothership Annihilation Tour" in 2011 was a comparison between the Digidesign 192s and the Burl B80 Mothership in Studio 1.
Recently, Eddie Kramer brought his Mothership into Studio 2 to record a band "Olio". Currently Eddie is also working on a record with Robert Randolph, which has been recorded and mixed using the Mothership. Guests on this record include Buddy Guy, Santana and others.
"From Frank Sinatra to the Rolling Stones, Studio 1 has produced some of the most celebrated albums in music history. Spanning over 61,000 cubic feet with a vibrant sound that’s unparalleled, Studio 1 is perfect for any session - from single voice to 70-piece symphonic orchestra."
"Simply put, Studio 2 is one of the best rock recording rooms in the world. Its high ceilings and mid-ambience provide a tight punchy sound constantly sought after by top producers like Rick Rubin. The studio has an additional drum isolation booth, a vocal isolation booth, and a Yamaha C7 grand piano that has been used on many rock albums.
Originally the site of classic television series (The Monkees, The Partridge Family), the studio later evolved to serve the needs of The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and countless other artists. The Mamas and the Pappas and The Beach boys also did records here.
Studio 1 features an 80 channel Neve 8078 Console, the largest in the world, which was originally commissioned for Michael Jackson's best-selling album, Thriller. Each room is equipped with a DB Technologies db4496 A/D-D/A Converter and ATC house monitors along with NS10/ProAc speakers and are set up with Pro tools HD. Studer 827, Ampex ATR124, Ampex ATR102, Studer J-37, Studer C-37 Analog recorders are available on request.
Robert Carranza
"It's the perfect combination of analog and
digital. You guys are changing the industry!"

Jack Johnson, Los Lobos, Mars Volta,
Ozomatli, Seu Jorge, N.A.S.A
Mauricio Iragorri

"I tried the Lavry ADC and the Burl B2 ADC. That thing is a game changer! I love the character it gave to the song, good solid low end and nice highs where the vox and snare were highilghted, also seemed very wide..."
Jay-Z, Dr. Dre, Raekwon, Eminem, 50 Cent, Nas, Mary J. Blige, Busta Rymes...
Stephan Marsh
Mastering Engineer-
Ben Harper & Relentless 7, Megadeth, Jars of Clay, Boys II Men, Keb’ Mo’…

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