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Steinberg Nuendo 5
Nuendo 5 décuple la puissance des professionnels travaillant dans les secteurs de l’audio, du Live et de la post-production pour le film, la télévision et l’industrie média. Ces professionnels du monde entier sont attentifs à la flexibilité et à l’ouverture vers l’industrie, éléments proposés par Nuendo.

Fonctions clés
Numéro un des environnements de post-production audio en natif
Boîte à outil pour le travail ADR et nouveau moteur vidéo natif
Echange des projets étendu, avec support du MXF Audio et des EDL
Fonctions d’édition haut de gamme et nouveau moteur de scrubbing
Nouveaux Nuendo Surround Panner V5 et plug-ins VST3
Système d’automation étendu avec technologie « flexibles passes »
Fonctions de mixage et routing avec départs vers bus automatisables
MediaBay totalement repensée avec gestion réseau
Collaboration par réseau pour les projets à distance via LAN ou WAN

Audio editing on a whole new level
Grouping events and editing across multiple tracks has never been easier. By utilizing the new multitrack editing feature set you can cut, fade and trim multiple tracks at once. All events included in a group folder are physically handled as one single track. Plus, the advanced transient detection function detects hits of percussive audio material in next to no time. Thanks to the preview feature and two specialized filters, called Peak and Beats, working with single hits, rolls and ghost notes is more accurate than ever before.
Multitrack audio quantization
In Nuendo 5.5 audio material can be quantized just like any MIDI material, offering numerous possibilities to fix timing issues and to change the groove of live-recorded audio material. To preserve phase relationships between tracks, the individual slices on all tracks are still grouped and moved at once. Nuendo 5.5 automatically creates cross-fades between slices to ensure seamless transitions between them and fill gaps that might be introduced during quantization. A few clicks, and all audio tracks are matched to whatever audio source you desire. With the Slice Rules you can decide which sources will get a higher priority during slicing.

Straightforward audio replacement
The new Hitpoint-to-MIDI function makes it so easy to replace, double or enrich percussive, live-recorded sounds. When the transients have been detected, a single click on the Create MIDI Notes button creates a MIDI track containing a MIDI note for each single percussion hit. From here, it’s up to you which sampler or synth you want to fuel with the notes.
Advanced comping and lane editing
Nuendo 5.5 comes with a new Lane Track concept for lightning-fast multitake comping. When recording several takes in Cycle mode, Nuendo 5.5 instantly creates a Lane Track for each take. From here, it’s just a short way to perfection: simply swipe across the best parts of a take and Nuendo 5.5 automatically creates a master take that contains all selected parts. For comfortable comping, each Lane Track sports a solo button and full editing functionality - building the perfect take has never been that easy.
Track Edit Groups
Simple and efficient - the new Track Edit Groups tool refines the work with multitrack recordings in Nuendo 5.5. Saving time and effort, this new function allows multitrack editing with single-click actions. When recording ambient sound or live performances for example, it is common to record signals from different microphone types on separate tracks. With Track Edit Groups activated, related tracks are tied together and can be edited at once, making this new feature a huge time-saver in the studio.
Folder Track improvements
Managing complex projects with Nuendo 5.5 becomes pretty easy. You can choose between several new options to choose which kind of data is shown on folder track parts in the projects window. This also includes a Hide Data option, allowing you to hide insignificant information.
Improved offline processing
When trimming and offline-processing audio events, normally only the trimmed section of an event is processed. In Nuendo 5.5, the range to which offline processes apply, can be extended by up to ten seconds in each direction of a trimmed event. When you extend the event later on, for example to adapt several voice recordings in relation to each other or to the picture, even the extended range is processed.
Audio Warp with élastique Pro
Thanks to the new zplane élastique Pro high-quality time-stretch and pitch-shift algorithm, you can correct the timing and pitch of your audio material without great effort. Optimized for extreme use cases and perfectly working with even the most complex sound material, zplane élastique Pro provides superior audio quality for realtime processing. In addition, it is most suitable for both polyphonic and monophonic sounds.
Ultra-precise automation editing
With Nuendo 5.5, editing of automation data is even more intuitive. Besides a streamlined “look and feel”, scaling and trimming of selected automation data can be done by using edit points within the selected range. The automation pass can be resized both in length and in amplitude - even proportional.
Improved compatibility
In Nuendo 5.5 you can rapidly prepare split multi-channel audio files for later use in other DAWs using different file suffix schemes such as Pro Tools. Multiple options are available during the import, export and track conversion of multi-channel split-files.

Export Note Pad Data

Share information among editors, mixers, producers and other stakeholders more efficiently by exporting all relevant notepad data with a simple usable text file.

AAF improvements
Nuendo 5.5 offers excellent compatibility: when AAF files are exported, embedded data, stereo or multi-channel tracks will automatically be split into multi-mono tracks. Exchanging AAF files with Pro Tools now becomes more secure through limiting the event volume to +12 dB. Plus, several compatibility improvements for AAF from the latest Avid Media Composer versions are included in Nuendo 5.5
Whether it is the extended Quick Control functionality, the enhanced visibility options for automation data or the top-notch VST Amp Rack modeling suite, Nuendo 5.5 is the weapon of choice for distinct, world-class mixes.
Quick controls - extended accessibility
Because the enhanced Quick Control functionality is paired with the MIDI Learn mode, parameters can now be directly assigned to a Quick Control by simply right-clicking a VST 3 plug-in or instrument control. Alternatively, you can also use the Quick Control’s Learn Mode button to assign control to an empty Quick Control slot.

Better visibility of automation data
Nuendo 5.5 now offers the possibility to open automation lanes of parameters automatically, allowing you to get instant visual feedback on all parameters written in an automation pass.
Sound designer’s choice: VST Amp Rack
Let your creativity flow by getting access to the unique VST Amp Rack. Producers and sound designers will be delighted to hear the sound of this brand-new software amplifier utilizing advanced modeling and convolution technologies. With the push of a button, VST Amp Rack delivers a comprehensive collection of outstanding guitar tones across an array of genres and styles from vintage to modern. Based on some of the finest guitar amplifiers ever crafted, VST Amp Rack comes with seven distinct amp models that exactly reproduce the unique character of their originals. Whether it is crystal clean, creamy crunch or singing sustain, VST Amp Rack always delivers the perfect tone for studio-grade guitar tracks.
Nuendo 5.5 comes with a host of new features designed to increase your productivity. Mac OS X 64-bit support, an improved video engine, advanced hitpoint detection and automatic tempo detection are only a few of the enhancements introduced in version 5.5.

X64 support for Mac
The native Nuendo 64-bit support for Mac OS X 10.6/10.7 platforms increases the addressable amount of RAM from 2 gigabytes to an astonishing 1 terabyte. In plain words, the bigger your memory, the more tracks, plug-ins and samples you can use in Nuendo 5.5. In this way, you can complete complex projects without any performance issues.

Updated video engine
Nuendo 5.5 contains an updated version of the internal video engine, allowing fluent playback of HD video and 64-bit support for Blackmagic and Decklink video cards. The new Boost option enables a seamless video playback with non multithreaded codecs.
Advanced hitpoint detection
The new hitpoint detection system in Nuendo 5.5 delivers much more accurate results and even takes tonal and melodic changes into account - which makes it useful for percussive and melodic instruments alike. Different modes allow you to configure the detection process according to individual material. After the hitpoints have been analyzed and are visible you can easily jump from one hitpoint to another by using the two new locate commands from the Transport menu.

Extended VariAudio-to-MIDI conversion
The new extended MIDI Conversion feature of VariAudio in Nuendo 5.5 analyzes tonal pitch and volume data, which can then be transformed to MIDI using Note Expression (Note Expression is available with the NEK 5.5 add-on pack only). This way, instrumental performances played by musicians can realistically be reproduced using VST instruments.
MIDI file import - output preference improvements
Imported General MIDI tracks are automatically assigned to HALion Sonic SE. Plus, you can also load HALion Sonic SE in multi-timbral mode (HALion Sonic SE is only available with the NEK 5.5 add-on pack).
Automatic tempo detection and alignment
Nuendo 5.5 features a newly developed tempo detection algorithm, which allows you to accurately determine the tempo of any rhythmic audio material that is being imported or recorded. The analyzed tempo is transfered to the tempo track, on which all other audio or MIDI tracks depend. In addition, a given project tempo can also be applied to the audio recording as meta data. The tempo map can be used to keep the dynamic feeling of natural tempo variations or to remove unwanted tempo changes quickly. Whatever rhythm is at hand, Nuendo 5.5 will detect the tempo and match the track to a beat grid of your choice.
Key Editor inspector improvements
Building on enhancements engineered for the Sample Editor in Nuendo 5.5, the Key Editor has now been extended to provide smooth and intuitive access to all pivotal parameters. Expression Maps, Note Expression, Quantize, Transpose and Length are now close at hand, available from one central spot. New scaling tools for controller and automation data offer a highly intuitive user experience when working with MIDI data, including simultaneous editing of several events and a dramatically streamlined look and feel. Now, you are in full control: scale, rotate and move marked events up or down.
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