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Stay ahead of things - Nuendo Live Record Panel
Nuendo Live features a convenient Record Panel that shows all the essential live recording information in one spot. Whether it is the recording length (current and total), the remaining disk space, the project timecode, the incoming timecode, the marker position or the record folder - everything you need to know is displayed in real time, providing you a bird’s eye view on your current recording session, even from a distance.

24+ hours recording without barriers
Nothing should interrupt your recording session. For this reason, Nuendo Live features a timecode-friendly 24-hour timeline, making it possible to record without any limits. And if you’re recording for more than 24 hours, Nuendo Live automatically adds a new day to the timeline. Plus, the software elegantly overcomes traditional file size limitations: the EBU standard RIFF 64 Broadcast Wave File format is used per default, removing the natural 4GB file size barrier of standard WAV recording files. And even when Nuendo Live is being used with a FAT32 file system, the application automatically splits recorded files before the 4GB barrier is reached.
Receive timecode without hassle
Aborted recordings, interrupted timecode, complicated setups - all these known issues don’t exist in the world of Nuendo Live. When you are dealing with video material, the incoming timecode can be captured to time-stamp the recorded audio files. And later on, in post-production, everything matches up perfectly.
Nuendo Live Pre-Record
Capture the essence of now - and also what happened before. Nuendo Live’s Pre-Record buffer holds up to 60 seconds of audio material before the record button is pressed. That’s why you will never miss the first beat of a performance again.

Saves the day: Nuendo Live Auto-Save
Every show is unique and the most important aspect of a live recording job is to save each and every moment of this show to your hard drive. That’s why the auto-save system of Nuendo Live saves projects and recorded audio files automatically. And, don’t worry: typical auto-save interruptions known from other applications are a thing of the past. The auto-save process is a fully integrated  Nuendo Live background function that never disturbs the ongoing recording  process.
Prevention of recording accidents
In demanding live-recording situations it happens every so often that keys and buttons are accidentally touched and - in the very worst case - recordings are lost. The good news is, with Nuendo Live you can easily prevent such recording interruptions. Simply lock Nuendo Live against unintended use during the show and you are safe. Plus, Nuendo Live even allows you to recover unfinished audio files in case a power cut occurs.
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