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Essential editing functions
Cleaning up recordings and creating a rough version of the material is pretty easy using the integrated editing capabilities of Nuendo Live. Functions such as cut, copy, paste - but also splitting and trimming of audio events - make it easy to remove unwanted noise occurring in between two songs. In this way, you can easily fine-tune your session right after the show.

Fully Nuendo-compatible
Data exchange compatibility with other production companies is a must in the live-recording field. The easiest way, of course, is to open the Nuendo Live session directly within Nuendo, Steinberg’s advanced post-production environment. It’s a matter of seconds and you are ready for post-production.

Proven standards for easy file exchange
Even when audio post-production is done using third party applications, Nuendo Live makes the file transfer a straightforward matter. The choice of exportable formats includes three proven standards: (Broadcast) WAV, MP3 and AAF. Wave/Broadcast Wave files are often used for common audio file transfer after a recording session, whereas MP3 files can be used to create a small-sized rough mix. AAF is the format of choice for transferring audio files to an external system, such as Pro Tools.
Steinberg's high-quality audio engine

Award-winning sound quality
Professional audio engineers cannot make any compromises when it comes to sound quality. Steinberg’s award-winning audio engine is known for its natural sound reproduction and can be heard on numerous Grammy and Academy Award winning productions. Audio signals are internally processed with 32-bit floating point resolution based on the IEEE 754 Standard, making it possible to capture even the finest nuance of your recording.

"The internal summing bus sounds so good that there is no need for an external hardware summing box like the other systems."
Steve Tushar, sound designer & sound editor

100% sound reproduction
The Steinberg Audio Engine has been designed to provide 100% reproduction of digital audio signals. When an audio signal is not altered, the signal is absolutely identical when it is routed out of the audio engine - right down to the last bit. That means the internal engine avoids colorations, artifacts and other unwanted changes in the sound.

"Many bands have heard the results of my recordings and immediately bought a Steinberg system as I have heard numerous times, "it is faithful to my sound"."
Randy Lane, FOH engineer
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